Notes from Nashville police news conference

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Some points of interest from the news conference just held by Nashville police in the Steve McNair case, which has now been ruled a murder-suicide by Sahel Kazemi. The news was delivered by police Chief Ronal Serpas:

  • Kazemi had sent messages in the past five to seven days that things were going badly for her and that she "was thinking about ending it."

  • Police said Kazemi thought McNair was in another extramarital relationship, that she had observed the second woman leaving McNair's downtown condo and tried to follow her to identify her. Officials do not believe the two had any encounter or confrontation.

  • Police believe that McNair was asleep when he was shot and that Kazemi then positioned herself to fall on his lap when she shot herself. They believe she did land on his lap, but ultimately slipped to the ground at his feet. There was no note.

  • The caliber of the semi-automatic pistol had not previously been disclosed. It was a 9 mm gun, and ballistic tests showed it fired the four shots at McNair and the one to Kazemi's head. She bought the gun for $100 from someone she knew in the parking lot of Opry Mills, the mall where she worked at Dave & Buster's.

  • Although the 44-minute delay between Wayne Neely's discovery of the bodies and a 911 call was a concern to police, Serpas said such a delay is not uncommon because such a discovery can leave people dazed and blur their sense of time. Police are confident nothing in the room was moved or staged, with the exception of one shell casing Neely moved because he was nervous, scared and didn't know what to do. That has been fully accounted for, Serpas said.

  • There are still ongoing elements of the investigation, including examination of some video from the area around the crime scene, plus a toxicology report that could take several more weeks. None of those unclosed elements would have a bearing on the murder-suicide conclusion, Serpas said.