2015 Cincinnati Bengals' opponents finalized

The Cincinnati Bengals' 2014 season is far from done. But we still can take a quick peek ahead at 2015.

Since the Bengals finished second in the AFC North, they know exactly who their opponents will be and where they will play them. They don't yet know when they will play each of the teams on next year's schedule, though. The complete schedule, with dates and times, will be released along with the rest of the league slate in April.

As the second-place team in their division, the Bengals will face this year's No. 2 finishers in the AFC South and AFC East (Houston and Buffalo). They also are on the divisional rotation to face AFC West and NFC West. This season, they were on a similar rotation with the AFC South and NFC South.

Additionally, the Bengals will once again face each AFC North team twice.

Here are the Bengals' opponents:

Home: Baltimore, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, San Diego, St. Louis, Seattle, Houston

Away: Baltimore, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Denver, Oakland, Arizona, San Francisco, Buffalo

Cincinnati travels up Interstate 74 on Sunday to face the Indianapolis Colts in the wild-card round of the playoffs at 1 p.m. ET. They will be playing the Colts for the second time this season, following a 27-0 loss in October. Denver, Arizona, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Seattle also are in the playoffs. Until Week 17, Kansas City, San Diego and Houston all had chances to make it, too. This will be the second time in as many seasons that the Bengals will have faced Denver and Houston.

Here is how the Bengals have fared all-time in the regular season against their 2015 opponents:

Ravens: 16-22

Browns: 44-39

Steelers: 34-55

Chiefs: 14-13

Chargers: 13-19

Rams: 7-5

Seahawks: 9-9

Broncos: 20-8

Raiders: 9-18

Cardinals: 6-4

49ers: 3-9

Texans: 4-3

Bills: 11-15

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