Senior Bowl: Eric Fisher impresses

Not long after publishing the preceding Pro Bowl post, @RickVanAtwerp tweeted my way: "Would rather hear more about Senior Bowl than Pro Bowl." I don't blame you, and I'll remind all of you that ESPN has an entire crew of Scouts Inc. staffers in Mobile, Ala., evaluating the prospects in Senior Bowl practices.

Their reports can all be found on ESPN.com's draft page. Most of them require Insider subscriptions, but I'm trying to sneak you some information when the bosses aren't looking. One common theme: Central Michigan tackle Eric Fisher has made a good impression. Here's an excerpt from the Scouts report:

"Fisher also had a good day [Tuesday]. He's put together well, with 34-inch arms and a long frame that allows him to carry his weight well. His balance was impressive, and the matchups against [Alex] Okafor and [Datone] Jones were the only times he lost his balance.

"He's a smooth mover, but he played with a little chip on his shoulder, especially against Jones. You sometimes worry that guys who move so well rely too much on finesse, but that wasn't the case for Fisher today."

Fisher could figure into the Chicago Bears' hopes for elevating their offensive line and perhaps the Green Bay Packers or even the Detroit Lions if he slips into the top of the second round.

I'll keep my eye out for other opportunities to throw some Senior Bowl snippets your way.