Wrap-up: Saints 33, Redskins 30 (OT)

Everyone will try to make kicker Shaun Suisham out to be the goat in this loss, but I'd prefer to put the loss on Jim Zorn. Isn't he the guy responsible for red zone play calls? With a 30-23 lead and the ball at the Saints' 4-yard line late in the fourth quarter, the Skins should have simply punched the ball in the end zone.

After all, the Saints were playing without four starters on defense. Instead, Zorn chose to play for the field goal, a 23-yard attempt that Suisham missed to the right. Is it inexcusable for an NFL kicker to miss that kick? You bet it is, but Zorn's refusal to coach like he has a 3-8 team is baffling to me.

I've seen him go conservative at the worst possible times in three consecutive losses. His players deserved to win this game, so why would you put it in the hands of a kicker who's been shaky the past couple of weeks? I just hated the play calling down there at the end. Blame it on whoever you want: Sherm Lewis, Sherm Smith, Chris Meidt, Zorn ... doesn't matter.

Quarterback Jason Campbell had one of the best afternoons of his career, but he won't find any solace in his 367 yards and three touchdowns. Second-year wide receiver Devin Thomas and tight end Fred Davis continue to shine. But again, there is no real upside to another heart-wrenching loss.

The Saints were begging for the loss -- and the Skins let them off the hook in the final minutes. With a 30-23 lead, the Redskins' secondary showed you why it is so overrated. Who cares about having good stats when you allow a 53-yard touchdown with just over a minute left. It looked like LaRon Landry let Robert Meachem race past him on the touchdown. Landry should've been playing 30 yards off the line of scrimmage at that point in the game.

If the Saints somehow pull off the perfect season, they'll have Zorn and the Redskins to thank.