RG III Report: More reps fuels optimism

The workload increased again this week, with Robert Griffin III taking yet another step toward starting the season opener against Philadelphia.

He continues to get more reps in practice and once again faced the regular defense, giving him a better look against live competition. The Redskins ended practice for the week, with only a walkthrough scheduled for Wednesday. So Griffin will reach his examination with Dr. James Andrews Thursday with continued positive momentum.

“I can see a big improvement from the start when he came out on the first day,” Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said. “You can see he’s in football shape. There hasn’t been a setback. Everything’s been very positive. ... He just feels more relaxed. We put him in more team situations. You can tell when somebody’s had enough reps to where it starts to be automatic and you don’t have to push it.”

Griffin will be examined by Andrews at some point Thursday, either before or after the Redskins game at Tampa Bay.

“I’ve seen improvement from the first day to where he’s at now just in his ability to move and ability to scramble,” Shanahan said. “Just the ease in which he practices.”

Earlier Tuesday, Griffin told ESPN980 radio that he was 100 percent. It’s hard for others to measure how a player feels, but offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan isn’t about to argue with Griffin.

“He looks 100 percent to me,” Kyle Shanahan said. “He can fly around. He can make the throws. There’s no gimp at all -- obviously he wouldn’t be out there if there was. But he looks good. Everything from a coaching standpoint is about getting the rust off. He’s gotten better each practice and I’m excited to get him out there Week 1.”