Elam welcomes Janikowski to Club 63

Jason Elam was sitting in his Alaska home Monday night, watching his former team, the Denver Broncos host one of his favorite kickers, Sebastian Janikowski.

Elam admits that he thinks the impressive NFL record he has shared with Tom Dempsey for the past 13 years could be given the boot every week. Janikowski is the one of the most expected contenders. When the Oakland Raiders approached mid-field at the end of the first half Monday night of an eventual 23-20 win, Elam buckled in for history.

“I was excited,” Elam said by phone Tuesday. “I don’t watch football to see 21-yard field goals. [Monday] was my type of game.”

When Janikowski’s 63-yard field goal barely fell over the cross bar, tying him with Dempsey and Elam for the NFL record, Elam was thrilled to see another placekicker achieve greatness.

“I have such an appreciation for Sebastian as a kicker,” Elam said. “He has such a strong leg, He’s fun to watch. It was a great kick. I just wish it didn’t come against my Broncos.”

Elam thinks a new record will be established, perhaps soon. He thinks every kicker in the NFL is capable of making a 64-yard plus kick, but he counts Janikowski and Denver’s Matt Prater as among the top candidates to establish a new record. Like Janikowski's 63-yarder, Elam’s was done in Denver came at the end of the first half.

“His situation was perfect,” Elam said. “I was watching, thinking he could do it.”