J.P. Losman ready for return to Buffalo

Miami Dolphins quarterback J.P. Losman has a chance to come full circle this week.

Losman was the first-round pick of the Buffalo Bills in 2004. He was a bust and was eventually benched and let go by the team.

After bouncing back-and-forth from the UFL and three NFL teams, Losman could get his first NFL start in three years with the Miami Dolphins. Losman’s opponent? Buffalo.

Not only that, Losman could play the Bills Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium, where he often drove Buffalo fans crazy with interceptions and poor decisions. Now, Losman has a chance to drive Bills fans crazy again by beating the home team.

"Here is the opportunity where it might be the case, who knows, and it would be great to," Losman said. "It’s my first start since I left there in the NFL. To be against them is pretty ironic but that just seems like what it might be."

Things were disastrous in Buffalo. But Losman had a great sense of humor about it this week. He said he hopes Bills fans bring out their old Losman jerseys in support on Sunday. That's probably not going to happen.

Losman spent the early part of the season in school and throwing the football four times a week in his free time with his uncle at Santa Monica (Ca.) Community College. The Dolphins finally called after various quarterback injuries.

No one was willing to give Losman a starting job once he left Buffalo -- until now. Losman said the past three years have been "odd." But the former first-round pick is not going to put too much pressure on himself if he starts against his former team.

"[I have] nothing to prove," Losman said. "I'm old enough now not to get caught up into that. I think younger in my career I tried to prove too much, and that's just like any quarterback. I never left in the offseason. They said take time off, but I never took time off. I wanted to be there and I wanted to work, and that was probably too much."

The Dolphins, despite their 4-9 record, have been playing much better than Buffalo (5-8) in recent weeks. Miami is 4-2 in its last six games. The Bills have lost six straight and don’t appear to have much left in the tank.

The Miami-Buffalo game could determine which team finishes last in the AFC East this season. If the Bills lose to Losman Sunday, it would only add to Buffalo's embarrassing finish.