Chris Pronger's return 'couple' weeks away

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger was back on the ice on Friday but estimated that his return to the team is still a "couple" of weeks away, according to a report.

"Having not skated or done anything on the ice in 4 1/2 months, you have to take it slowly and see how you feel day-by-day," Pronger said, according to CSNPhilly.com. "Usually, the first time on the ice you feel pretty good and then its day two, three, four, five that you're a little suspect."

Pronger skated for 25 minutes as he recovers from back surgery in May and deals with lingering issues from wrist surgery in March.

He took a number hard slap shots and wrist shots but said afterwards that his wrist felt fine, according to the report.

"I felt pretty good -- how did I look? A little suspect going left to right or right to left?" Pronger asked reporters, according to CSNPhilly.com. "It's been a while ... We'll see how I feel tomorrow."

The Flyers start training camp on Sept. 17 and open the regular season on Oct. 6 against the Boston Bruins.