Flyers' Wayne Simmonds to meet with NHL this morning about slur

Wayne Simmonds of Flyers will chat with NHL vice president Colin Campbell this morning for allegedly using a homophobic slur toward New York Rangers forward Sean Avery during a game last night.

Simmonds could face a $2,500 fine as per CBA limitations for fines in these cases. ESPN New York's Katie Strang also reports that GLAAD has contacted both the Flyers and NHL about taking action on Simmonds' slur.

Campbell is holding the call rather than Brendan Shanahan because the Simmonds scenario doesn't fall under Shanahan's "player safety" net.

After last night's game, Avery said Simmonds called him a homophobic slur during the first period of the bitter preseason contest. A video replay showed Simmonds hurling the epithet toward Avery while on the ice near the Flyers' bench. Simmonds said he did not remember everything that was said between him and Avery, but did not deny crossing the line.