Alex Ovechkin won't be punished for spear

Washington star Alex Ovechkin will not face any discipline from the league for spearing Ottawa's Chris Neil in Wednesday night's game.

The two were skating behind the play, after Neil delivered a solid check in the corner, when Ovechkin jabbed his stick blade into the Senators right wing's midsection.

Ovechkin denied spearing Neil after the game.

"I'm not that kind of player," Ovechkin said. "I was surprised it was happening."

Neil was then given a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct 8:12 into the second after he dropped to the ice. Neil went to the dressing room, and Nick Foligno served his penalty. No penalty was called on Ovechkin, and Neil returned moments later.

"I finished my check down in the corner and obviously he didn't like taking the hit," Neil said after the game. "We were skating up the ice and he almost -- it was like a pitchfork right in the gut, so it's frustrating. No call on the play and I end up getting the penalty on it. Obviously, people have seen the replay on it and they see that he catches me.

"We make mistakes out there and so do the refs, so it's part of the game. Hopefully the league will review it and make a fair call."

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.