Things to know: Devils-Rangers, Game 2

Not two much: The Rangers cannot win Game 2 in these playoffs for the life of them. Averse to winning two games in a row. Must be a Broadway thing. You know, building drama, suspense and all that hoohah.

Forty is the new ... good: Martin Brodeur showed that you don't have to be Johnny Bower to succeed as a 40-year-old goaltender. The legendary Devils netminder made the saves when his team needed them. Which is important.

It took awhile: Marian Gaborik was absent in the third period, intentionally this time, barely getting a glimmer of ice time from coach John Tortorella. The Rangers need their sniper to be shooting and scoring or else they will be watching the Stanley Cup finals contested across the river. Now wouldn't that be a kick in the hockey pants?

And now to the positive: Ilya Kovalchuk scored again, opening the game's scoring and putting the Devils up in the first. Isn't there a part of you that just wants this guy to succeed after all those seasons of woe in Atlanta?

Rookie savvy: Chris Kreider continues to be a good story for the Rangers. Who knows where they'd be if the guy didn't decide to sign and play? Out, is where they'd be. (See "It took awhile" entry.)