Host of teams went hard at Parise, Suter

Red Wings GM Ken Holland said he tried his best to sign unrestricted free agents Ryan Suter and Zach Parise, who both signed Wednesday afternoon with the Minnesota Wild.

"We feel good about our offers to both Suter and Parise. They were very competitive. Now, we move on," Holland told ESPN.com.

Holland said he was at least glad the Wings could fly into Madison, Wis., on Tuesday and meet with Suter to make their pitch. Holland was joined by Wings owner Mike Ilitch, team exec Chris Chelios and head coach Mike Babcock.

Meanwhile, Predators GM David Poile said on a conference call that he was incredibly disappointed in losing Suter. He said he made a 13-year offer. A source tells ESPN.com it was for $90 million. Poile said he never got a chance to match Suter's offer from Minnesota, which also disappointed him. Poile says now the focus is on trying to replace Suter in free agency or via trade, and by furthering contract talks with captain and restricted free agent Shea Weber.

Devils GM Lou Lamoriello, on a media call, said the Devils' offer to Parise "was competitive." Lamoriello said Parise would have stayed with the Devils had he not signed with the Wild. Parise, via text message to ESPN.com, confirmed that.

A source confirmed as well that the Blackhawks made offers to both Suter and Parise. They were close on Parise, but not as close on Suter.