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Best player over 40?

I understand why write-in candidate Nicklas Lidstrom got so many votes. It is hard to imagine the Red Wings taking the ice without him, and, if he plays, he must be a front-runner for MVP of the Wings-Leafs alumni games.

But I didn't include him in the final results for which player over 40 will have the best 2012-13 season.

The results: 1. Teemu Selanne. 2. Martin Brodeur. 3. Jaromir Jagr. 4. Ray Whitney.

It was a tight race between Selanne and Brodeur, but Jagr and Whitney weren't even close.

I expected Jagr to get more votes based on his name, but I don't disagree with the voters on this. Playing on a line with Claude Giroux would boost anyone's game, and traveling through the Western Conference with the Stars will be a new challenge (although it's not like he will be carrying his skates through airport security and waiting at baggage claim).

The Finnish Flash gets my vote mostly because I thought the video announcing his return was funny. But he also played all 82 games last season -- registering 26 goals and 66 points -- and has scored at least 25 goals in six of his past seven seasons. If the Ducks start next season like they finished this past season, Selanne should have a good year.

Brodeur's 2012-13 season may end up looking like a down year just because of the success the Devils had this past postseason. It is hard to follow up a run to the Stanley Cup finals unless you go on to win the Cup, and I don't expect the Devils to be playing in June now that Zach Parise has left for Minnesota. A short offseason also can't help the 40-year-old goaltender.

Poor Ray Whitney came in last, but it is tough when you are put in a group with guys named Selanne, Brodeur and Jagr. He had a good regular season, but a not-so-great postseason with the Coyotes last season. He'll likely help the Stars this season, but that team is about the future, so Whitney's and Jagr's greatest contributions will be in the locker room.

Best unrestricted free agent still available?

Most of you didn't disagree with Craig Custance's rankings and put Alexander Semin and Shane Doan at the top of your list of available free agents.

The general consensus was that you wanted Semin's talent and Doan's leadership.

"Doan for leadership, experience, and as a complete player. Semin for scoring."

-- Stephen Penko

"I'd have to say Semin, [Andrei] Kostitsyn, and Doan are the best still out there, in my opinion. Any team that is able to pick one of these guys up is going to do well, given that they don't pay through the nose for them. If Semin gets his issues hammered out and a team can get him for a good price, he could be a steal this offseason."

-- LonghornChamps1021

"Shane Doan should either stay in Phoenix or sign with Winnipeg. Playing in any other city would just be wrong."

-- Claven5577

Caption This!

We asked you to write the best caption for this photo of Dustin Brown at the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man, and here are a few of our favorites:

"Spider-Man over the wall for a line change with Capitan America."

-- Conrad_McLovin

“Spider-Man jumped on the Kings bandwagon.”

-- Dan Moore

“Did the Kings sign Spider-Man as a free agent?”

-- Daniel Clarke

“The Cup goes Hollywood!”

-- Brian Gayfield

“I always feel like somebody’s watching me.”

-- TheBigPavelski

“Spidey is an angry Devils fan too.”

-- Nathan Anderson

“Dustin off the cob webs.”

-- Kurt J. Draper

“My spidey sense tells me I’m about to have a serious dustin’ with the great Lord Stanley.”

-- Matthew Morgan

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