Shea Weber, Preds talk 14-year contract

Video courtesy of PredsTV

Some snippets from today:

Shea Weber: "It is a very exciting time for the Predators organization and myself. It is a big step in the right direction. The ownership showed a commitment here obviously in the last week. Going forward, now I can focus on the important stuff: getting ready for the season and getting ready to go this year."

"I love the city of Nashville. I love the fans. I love my teammates."

Barry Trotz: "This is the biggest signing in franchise history. Going forward it was a huge message not only to our own team but to the rest of the league that we are serious about contending every year and we have the team to do that."

David Poile: "It was a very interesting four or five days. If anything, I think it brought our organization even more together than it was. At the end of the day, when we knew what we were going to do, I think it really galvanized our whole organization. Everybody thinks we made the right decision. I know we made the right decision."

"Every great team that's been competitive for a lot of years or won Stanley Cups always has had a top defenseman, and Shea is here. You pair that with Pekka Rinne, who's one of the best goaltenders in the National Hockey League, you have a chance every night, every year, to compete."

"The owners have been fabulous. Every time there's a tough decision to make, they've always made the right decision. They're making all of the decisions that are helping this franchise be successful on and off the ice. ... This year at the trading deadline we did more than any other team. Now this decision to sign Shea Weber for 14 years, their commitment is right there. This franchise is tracking as well as any franchise in the National Hockey League and that's because of our ownership."

Tom Cigarran: "Shea is our leader and we did what it took to keep him a Predator," Cigarran said. "The Predators are not here just to survive, but to be an elite franchise that competes for the Cup every year. Our players, players with other organizations around the league and those organizations can now see that the Nashville Predators will not be pushed around by teams from bigger markets."