Cup Chronicles: A memorable proposal

The Stanley Cup was the centerpiece at a VIP screening of 'Stanley Cup Champions 2012.' Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Who can say "no" to a marriage proposal when it involves the Stanley Cup?

Justin Williams brought the Cup home to New Jersey, and his brother-in-law, Pat, made sure to take advantage of the day.

Pat proposed to his girlfriend, Dana, on a pontoon boat ride on the bay in Ventnor City, N.J. Dana said "yes."

The plan was in the works for months, and Pat was thankful Williams agreed to the plan.

"I'm just glad she said yes," Williams told NHL.com.

Williams also made sure to get in a game of road hockey during his day with the Cup.

The Stanley Cup also recently traveled to St. Louis with assistant coach Jamie Kompon; Waterford, Ontario, with Nelson Emerson; Simcoe, Ontario, with John Stevens; and West Guilford, Ontario, with Bernie Nicholls.

Kompon said he took the Cup to St. Louis instead of his hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario, because of all of the friends he made while living there.

"Yes, I was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, but my parents no longer live there," Kompon told NHL.com. "When I arrived in St. Louis (1997), I didn’t know a soul. When I left in 2006 for Los Angeles, there was a goodbye party for me and 200 people showed up."

Nicholls took the Cup hunting on his family's farm.

"My dad makes canoes and we have a great picture of me holding the Cup out in the lake in the canoe," Nicholls told NHL.com. "We do a lot of hunting. I had my bow and it [the Cup] stood in the tree stand beside me. My dad has been there since 1961. I remember walking through the bush when I was 5 years old following my dad. I've hunted my whole life. I always had a passion for that."