Morning Links: Day 10 of the Lockout

  • Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr sat at the same table at Monday’s NHL alumni association dinner, but have not announced any schedule talks. (Toronto Star)

  • Wings forward Danny Cleary said he definitely thinks the lockout can last a year, adding “maybe longer.” (Detroit Free Press)

  • Pavel Datsyuk's header into the net was waived off, but CSKA Moscow won their first game with Datsyuk. (mlive.com)

  • Players around the league brushed off Jimmy Devellano's comments referring to the players as cattle on the owners' ranch. (Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun, Ottawa Citizen)

  • The Leafs' Mikhail Grabovski has signed with the KHL's CSKA Moscow. (Toronto Sun)

  • Edmonton mayor Stephen Mandel set an Oct. 17 deadline for the Katz Group, which owns the Oilers and was visiting Seattle on Monday, to explain what it wants in an arena agreement. (Edmonton Journal)

  • The Globe And Mail gives a full explanation of how the NHL's escrow system works.