Morning Links: Day 27 of lockout

  • Kevin Bieksa spoke out against those scalping tickets for the sold-out charity hockey game he organized. (The Globe and Mail)

  • Rangers legend Rod Gilbert said, from speaking to both Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr, both men are on the same page, so he doesn't understand why they can't make a deal. "Why don't you split it and get it over with? You're doing damage to the game now and the fans," Gilbert said. (NY Daily News)

  • Sidney Crosby said the NHL just wants their deal and "there is no real meeting [n the middle]." He added that he hopes the owners aren't waiting for the players to cave because, "everybody expects to negotiate in good faith. I hope they're not stalling because they have a certain date in mind. That's not the way to do it." (Pittsburgh Tribune Review)

  • John Davidson is going to Columbus this weekend for follow-up interviews with the Blue Jackets' majority owner John P. McConnell and president Mike Priest, according to sources. (The Columbus Dispatch)

  • The Sedin twins are keeping busy with their "expensive hobby" as their horse Nahar is about to begin harness racing for the winter. (The Vancouver Sun)

  • Bruins prospect Christian Hanson is proud of the legacy his father created by playing one of the Hanson Brothers in the 1977 classic "Slap Shot." (Boston Herald)

  • Braden Holtby considers himself lucky to have a chance to play with the Hershey Bears even though he was expected to start this season in net for the Washington Capitals. (The Washington Post)

  • The Tournee des Joueurs, organized by Maxime Talbot and Bruno Gervais, drew about 5,600 fans on Thursday night, the largest crowd of the series but well short of the 15,000-seat capacity at the Colisee. (Montreal Gazette)

  • St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman joined local business owners to urge the NHL and NHLPA to come to a compromise and end the lockout. (Pioneer Press)