Morning Links: Day 45 of lockout

  • Patrick Eaves still suffers from headaches and concussion-like symptoms 11 months after he broke his jaw and suffered a concussion. Red Wings teammates added that he is no close to being cleared to play. (mlive.com)

  • Sidney Crosby’s salary combined with his recent health problems means it would cost $400,000 per month to insure his contract if he wanted to play in Europe. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

  • The Flyers’ Wayne Simmonds was subjected to racial slurs after getting in a fight in a game in the Czech Republic. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

  • Cory Schneider, who has Swiss citizenship due to family ancestry, is considering playing in the Swiss League, but said, “It’s nothing serious at this point. There are still a couple of hoops to jump through before that’s a possibility … I think it would only make sense to try and get in some game action.” (Vancouver Sun)

  • Donald Fehr was in Minnesota meeting with players on Monday. “It’s their contract, it’s their futures. It’s their agreement and it’s their union, and I work for them,” Fehr said. “So I go wherever they want me to be. And when they guys say they want to have a meeting, I say, ‘Sure, absolutely.” (Star Tribune)

  • Jets players are organizing a charity game in Winnipeg on Nov. 17 to benefit the Dream Factory and The Children’s Hospital Foundation. (Winnipeg Free Press)