NHL's offer on player contracting

ESPN.com's Pierre LeBrun has learned from a source what the NHL has offered to do on matters of player contracts. Unedited, from source:

On main areas:

(1) offered to give back the year in ELS (NHL has moved from 2+3 to 2 and now back to 3).

(2) dropped/withdrew request for mutuality of Salary Arb rights but maintained request for extra year to Salary Arb, also offered to synchronize timing of Club-elected Salary Arbs as per NHLPA request.

(3) suggested willingness to be flexible of 5% contract variability proposal but maintained request for 5 year term limits on contracts.

(4) maintained request for extra year to free agency, but gave on UFA interview period and pointed out that 3 year EL deal plus 5 year max contract puts Player right into UFA for their third contract

(5) embraced Union's request to allow retained salary in trades subject to upwardly revised parameters

(6) embraced Union's request for Payroll Range determined as a percentage of Midpoint as opposed to flat $16 million

(7) embraced Union's Cap Advantage Recapture concept subject to several minor modifications and application to existing long-term contracts

(8) agreed to eliminate Re-Entry Waivers

(9) Performance Bonus Cushion in every year of new agreement

(10) extension of No Move/No Trade clauses to last year of "extended" SPC

other "system-related things" league has agreed to:

(1) no Union guarantee of Escrow shortfall and more discretion to Union in setting Escrow rate

(2) increase in Playoff Pool

(3) mechanism to allow for Cap exception for recalled players for roster emergencies

(4) changes to waiver rules for Emergency recalls and mid-season European signings

(5) agreement to continue increasing Minimum Salaries over life of new CBA

(6) Lower Limit to be satisfied without regard to performance bonuses

(7) agreed to limitations on "second/salary arb" buyout provisions

(8) agreed to re-work Critical Date Calendar

(9) $60 million Cap in Year 1 (with transition rules allowing Clubs to go to $70.2 million for full year) and guaranteed cap of $60 million in Year 2 even though HRR formula would have provided for lower Cap