Here's where the NHL bests the NBA

Love That Game 7: Monday night marks the second and third Game 7 in this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs, but that should be no surprise. Over the last 10 NHL seasons (since 2002-03), this is the sixth time that there have been at least three Game 7s played in the conference quarterfinals. Over that same stretch, the NBA has never had three first-round series go seven games, and only four times has it had two go to a Game 7.

Here We Go Again: The Rangers and Capitals will meet in a Game 7 for the second straight season (Rangers won last season). According to Elias, this is the fifth time in NHL history that two teams have met in a Game 7 in consecutive seasons. It last happened in 2001 and 2002 between the Avalanche and Kings. On three of the previous four occasions, the same team won both games.