Hawks set rare mark with OT win

Blackhawks 4, Bruins 3 (3OT)(Blackhawks lead series, 1-0)

The Blackhawks won Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals 4-3 over the Bruins in 3OT on a goal by Andrew Shaw. It was the 5th-longest game in Stanley Cup finala history (52:08 of OT played) and the 8th 3-OT game in Cup finals history. Chicago became the 1st home team to win a Stanley Cup finals Game 1 in OT since the 1982 Islanders (the previous 5 home teams all lost). FROM ELIAS: The Blackhawks are the 4th team in NHL history to win consecutive multiple-OT games in a single playoff year (won Game 5 of Western Conference finals vs Kings in 2OT) joining the 1931 Blackhawks, the 1951 Canadiens and the 1991 Oilers.

* Andrew Shaw (CHI): GW goal at 12:08 of 3rd overtime (1st career playoff OT goal)

* 5th longest game in Stanley Cup Final history (52:08 of OT played); 8th 3-OT game in Stanley Cup Final history - 1st won by home team

* 3rd Stanley Cup Final Game 1 to require multiple overtime since 1927 (1st since 1990 - 1st won by home team)

* 1st Stanley Cup Final Game 1 OT win for a home team since 1982 (Islanders def. Canucks); road team had won previous 5 Cup Final Game 1 OT contests

* 25th OT game of 2013 playoffs (T-3rd most OT games in a playoff year); longest game of 2013 postseason

* Milan Lucic (BOS): 2 goals (4), assist; 3rd career multi-goal playoff game (1st multi-goal game of 2012-13 season - reg. season or playoffs)

* FROM ELIAS: Bruins are 3rd team in history to lose Game 1 of a Stanley Cup Final after holding a 2-goal lead in 3rd period (others are 1956 Red Wings and 2006 Oilers - both went on to lose Cup Final)

* Blackhawks: 6th multiple OT win in a Stanley Cup Final game (most all-time)

Longest Game in Stanley Cup Final, NHL History

Total OT

1990 Oilers def. Bruins 55:13

1999 Stars def. Sabres 54:51

2002 Red Wings def. Hurricanes 54:47

1931 Blackhawks def. Canadiens 53:50

2013 Blackhawks def. Bruins 52:08

2008 Penguins def. Red Wings 49:57

2000 Stars def. Devils 46:21

1996 Avalanche def. Panthers 44:31

Multiple OT in Stanley Cup Final Game 1, Since 1927

Game 1 Winner

2013 Blackhawks def. Bruins ?

1990 Oilers def. Bruins Won series

1934 Blackhawks def. Red Wings Won series

Won Stanley Cup Final Game in 3 OT


2013 Blackhawks<< Bruins

2008 Penguins Red Wings

2002 Red Wings Hurricanes

2000 Stars Devils

1999 Stars Sabres

1996 Avalanche Panthers

1990 Oilers Bruins

1931 Blackhawks Canadiens

>> 1st home team to win

Most Wins in Multiple OT, Stanley Cup Final History

Blackhawks 6

Red Wings 2

Stars 2

8 teams<< 1

>> Bruins: winless in such games (0-2)

OT Winner in Stanley Cup Final, Blackhawks History


2013 Andrew Shaw Bruins

2010 Patrick Kane<< Flyers

1971 Jim Pappin Canadiens

1934 Mush March<< Red Wings

1934 Paul Thompson Red Wings

1931 Cy Wentworth Canadiens

1931 Johnny Gottselig Canadiens

>> Clinched Stanley Cup

Blew 2-Goal Lead in 3rd Period of a Loss, Stanley Cup Final Game 1 History

Series Result

2013 Bruins ?

2006 Oilers Lost in 7

1956 Red Wings Lost in 5

>> Source: Elias Sports Bureau

Notes on Free Hockey This Postseason:

* All 15 series in the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs has had at least 1 overtime game. It's the 1st time that has happened since all 4 rounds went to the best-of-7 format in 1987.

Most Overtime Games In Single Postseason, Stanley Cup Playoff History

1993 28

2001 26

2013 25

2012 25

FROM ELIAS: The Blackhawks beat the Bruins, 4-3, in triple-overtime in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, after posting a series-clinching double-overtime victory in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals against the Kings. It’s only the fourth time in NHL history that a team has won consecutive games in one playoff year, both in multiple overtimes. The other teams to do that were the 1931 Blackhawks, 1951 Canadiens and 1991 Oilers.

FROM ELIAS: Jaromir Jagr played in the Stanley Cup Finals in each of his first two seasons in the NHL, in 1991 (at age 19) and 1992 (age 20) with the Penguins, but he had not played in hockey’s showcase series since then until he took his first shift for the Bruins in Game 1 of this year’s Final against the Blackhawks. When the 41-year old Jagr took the ice for his first Stanley Cup Final in 21 years, he broke Gary Roberts’ NHL record of 19 years between Final appearances (1989 with Calgary, 2008 with Pittsburgh), and he became the first man in NHL history to play in the Stanley Cup Finals as a teenager and after his 40th birthday.