Skeptic's 2012-13 review: Howlin' for you

Coyotes fans deserve something to cheer about off the ice, don't you think? Matt Kartozian/US Presswire

A skeptic's daily take on five things we learned from the 2012-13 NHL season:

4. Coyotes are ugly: The Phoenix Coyotes were saved, in a manner of speaking, at the 47th hour after Glendale council voted in favor of a resolution that would help new owners keep the team in Arizona. This was one of those stories that was my personal melatonin -- I got tired every time I heard it. Stay or go already! But the new ownership group, Renaissance Sports and Entertainment, has five years to make a go of it in Glendale ("Ladies and gentlemen, your Arizona Coyotes!") before they can pull the chute and bail for greener pastures. ("Ladies and gentlemen, your Hamilton Angry Timbits!") But don't color this mess cleaned up just yet. A Forbes report said the league was to lend the new buyers $85 million toward the purchase, and the loan doesn't need to be repaid for five years. Now, these things are never as simple as they seem on the surface, but if that's true ... what a crazy-arse debacle! The league is paying for this mistake in more ways than one.

Generous take: It's so nice that hockey will have stability in Arizona for five years.

Skeptic's take: It's brutal that the team will have its lame-duck status extended for five more years. Gary Bettman's Southern Expansion Hubris knows no limits.