Yankee Stadium rocking for Rangers, Devs

NEW YORK -- A sea of red and blue has taken over Yankee Stadium.

Yankee Stadium was near capacity as Sunday's Stadium Series game between the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils finally faced off at Yankee Stadium. Despite a one hour, eight minute delay due to the sun's glare, fans of the rivals were pumped for the first hockey game at Yankee Stadium.

"Me and my friend, when we first walked out here, seeing a sea of white at Yankee Stadium, we both said we felt like little kids again," said 33-year-old Bronx native Pete Juncaj, wearing a Rick Nash jersey. "We've had Yankees season tickets for many years, and it's just really cool to see this whole atmosphere and this scene."

The crowd seemed to be a 60-40 split for the Devils, who are the home team for the first of the two Stadium Series games. The Rangers and the New York Islanders meet Wednesday. The Devils are wearing their red-and-green throwback jerseys for the first time this season.

"It's fantastic. It's great there's actually snow on the field. It's a great experience," said 54-year-old Staten Island native Mike Kampos. "Definitely a good crowd. You can tell everyone is excited."

The sun delay occurred because glare affects the playing conditions and the safety of the players. The sky was overcast when the game finally began at 1:38 p.m., and the temperature was 24.9 degrees.

Despite the frigid conditions, the fans who braved the weather did not seem to mind the delay.

"If I was cold it would bother me, but I got some hand warmers, gloves and boots and I bundled up. I have no hat on right now. I'm sweating right now actually," Juncaj said. "[The weather] isn't a factor right now. We'll see in another hour."