Who should win the Vezina Trophy?

A lot of factors go into deciding who gets the Vezina Trophy for the top goaltender.

Is it just about numbers? And if that is the case, which statistic is most important?

Mike Smith has the most saves thus far (1,369 saves) and Ben Scrivens has the best save percentage, but it is safe to say neither goalie will take home the Vezina this season.

Josh Harding posted a league-best 1.66 goals-against average during a dominant start that made him a top candidate for the Vezina. But his battle with multiple sclerosis has kept him on the injured reserve since Dec. 31.

Marc-Andre Fleury leads the league with 31 wins, but that just raises another important question.

How much do you penalize a goaltender in the Vezina race for having a strong team in front of him?

Tuukka Rask is having another great season, but he plays on a very good team. Does that mean Ben Bishop is more deserving because he is helping his team win without Steven Stamkos?

Is Jonathan Quick automatically eliminated from consideration because he missed time with a groin injury? Also, Scrivens was a strong replacement for the Kings (before being traded to the Oilers), so is it more about the team's system than a Vezina-worthy season?

Is Carey Price the front-runner for the award? He would easily win if you base it on his dominant performance in the Olympics.

We've laid out the questions, now you give us the answer: Who should win the Vezina Trophy?

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