Photos: Mario Lemieux, Penguins tie Caps

The first round of the Caps-Pens rivalry ended in a 5-5 tie on Friday afternoon as Mario Lemieux's squad went outside to battle Washington.

Lemieux had two assists in front of an energetic Pittsburgh crowd that was cheering for overtime as the game ended without a winner.

Peter Bondra scored for the Capitals' alumni with 45 seconds left to seal the tie after Ron Francis put the Penguins' alumni on top with a power-play goal assisted by Lemieux.

"It was fun, the weather was beautiful, just to see some old faces again, some guys I haven't seen in a long time and bringing back some guys from the Cup years and some older guys -- it was pretty special for all of us," Lemieux said after the game. "And I'm sure for Washington, as well. These are memories we can cherish for a long time.

"The ice was great. A couple of times in the neutral zone there was a puddle but they came out and fixed it. But the ice was pretty good. I was surprised."

Sidney Crosby and teammates got on the ice shortly after 11:30 a.m. ET, for a short practice before Saturday's game. The Capitals were scheduled to practice at 2 p.m. ET.

ESPN.com's Pierre LeBrun contributed to this report.