Another tough call on Douglas Murray hit

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- It was perhaps Brendan Shanahan who put the NHL's great dilemma most succinctly here at the general managers' meetings when he noted that when players attack with the puck they are lower to the ground.

Try it out. Pretend your carrying the puck down the ice. Your head is lower. It's called physics.

And when you defend, Shanahan pointed out, you are standing upright.

Try it. Pretend you're getting ready to check an opposing player coming toward you. Are you not more upright, higher than say, the skater?

Now, watch the clip of San Jose's Douglas Murray leveling Dallas Stars forward Loui Eriksson Tuesday night.

Eriksson reaches for the puck in open ice. Murray delivers a check with his shoulder into Eriksson's upper body.

Eriksson leaves the ice.

No penalty was called on the play. And Murray isn't expected to be subject to supplemental discipline.

Should there have been a penalty?

Reporters covering the GMs' meetings in Boca gathered around a computer screen to watch it a number of times. No real consensus was reached.

Did we mention that these are tough calls?