Sens GM gets ahead of trade-deadline game

There will be no last-minute shopping for Bryan Murray. I like what the Ottawa Senators GM has done in beating Wednesday's trade-deadline madness.

He picked up top-six forward Matt Cullen just before the Olympic break and then added underrated blueliner Andy Sutton on the eve of the 3 p.m. ET deadline. No scrambling on Wednesday.

"That's it for me right now at this point," Murray told ESPN.com on Tuesday evening. "No one's been calling me anyway lately, offering me anything. I don't think there's anything else out there that I can afford to do."

Never say never, of course, but it sounds like the Sens are done. They've given themselves their best shot now at trying to take down Ryan Miller and the Buffalo Sabres for the Northeast Division crown.

I'm not surprised Murray got his shopping done early this year. For a few deadlines in a row, Murray got stuck going after players and then the price got too high (think back to Marian Hossa two years ago). Now, he's got his work done and doesn't have to chase in the final hours.

"I don't know if you end up paying a lesser price or not. In both cases, we paid a second-round pick, but at least you get it done," said Murray. "At some point, it looked like I might not get what I wanted, so with Cullen I went ahead and did it with Jimmy [Rutherford, Canes GM], and today I just decided that rather than wait and go to a different type of player, you go and get Andy and at least you're covered."

Now, Murray can sit back and enjoy the fun tomorrow. Of course, with Toronto GM Brian Burke already landing Dion Phaneuf and New Jersey GM Lou Lamoriello getting Ilya Kovalchuk last month, you might be looking more at quantity of moves rather than quality Wednesday.

"Burke and Lou did their thing and those were the big-name guys," said Murray. "I think there will be some movement Wednesday. There's a number of players out there that it looks like teams are trying to move. But I don't know that there's any big-name guys that will be involved."

Waiver wire

FYI, the full NHL waiver list from Tuesday, a 24-hour period going to Wednesday at noon ET:

Chris Chelios (ATL)

Brad Lukowich (VAN)

Ryan Oulahen (DET)

Enver Lisin (NYR)

Aaron Voros (NYR)

Anders Eriksson (PHX)

Ryan Jones (NSH)

John Grahame (COL)