Coach shoots down Chris Pronger question

Interesting exchange between veteran Flyers beat writer Tim Panaccio and Philadelphia coach Peter Laviolette on Thursday.

Panaccio told Laviolette he was going to ask a semi-hypothetical question.

"I'll probably shoot this one down pretty quick. I've got my gun in my hand right now," Laviolette said.

Panaccio started to ask whether there was a way for a player of Chris Pronger's caliber to play a limited role in the playoffs and still have an impact.

"You want to finish, or you just want me to shoot it down? What do you want to do?" Laviolette asked midway through the query.

Finally, though, Laviolette provided an interesting answer to the hypothetical question.

"Can Chris Pronger play in a game in a limited role and be a factor in the game? Yes," the coach said.

Would he be OK with that?

"You just asked the hypothetical question and I gave you a hypothetical answer," the coach said.

Laviolette also discussed the challenges, in theory, his team will face if Jeff Carter cannot play in Game 4.

"Without commenting on Jeff. There's a lot of confidence in this room and our team and what we've done. We've dealt with injuries. We did it last year in the playoffs. We did it through the course of this year. We did it last year. All teams do it. All teams go through it. And I think if your team is strong enough, which I believe ours is, then injuries come and go and people come out of the lineup and into the lineup and you make the adjustments you have to and you're able to move pieces around without really affecting the final product," Laviolette said.