Coach: Mike Modano is a phenomenal guy

Mike Modano's Hall of Fame career may have ended as a healthy scratch if he does indeed decide to call it quits.



But his attitude throughout what was a difficult year in Detroit was nothing short of remarkable, Wings head coach Mike Babcock told ESPN.com Saturday.

"I think Mike Modano is a phenomenal guy," Babcock said from Detroit where his team cleaned out its lockers Saturday. "He brought a lot to our team. Part of his legacy will be what a great example he was for our young players even when he wasn't in the lineup. He had a great attitude through it all."

Modano, 40, desperately wanted to play in these playoffs. That he appeared in only two games crushed him. But he didn't let his personal situation affect the rest of the team, continuing to work hard in practice and encouraging his teammates.

"It's how you handle yourself every day in good times and bad that shows what kind of man you are and Mike Modano is a heck of a guy," Babcock said.