Manny Malhotra not at Canucks' practice

Vancouver center Manny Malhotra was not at practice on Tuesday afternoon reportedly because he had at eye doctor appointment.

Malhotra was cleared to play in the Stanley Cup finals on Saturday, just 10 weeks after a deflected puck exploded into his left eye and almost cost him his vision.

Malhotra hasn't confirmed he'll play Game 1, but said his legs and lungs are getting better every day.

"I can assure you I wasn't flipping a coin in the change room deciding whether I was going to play or not," Malhotra said over the weekend. "I've been monitored almost daily for the past two months now and the doctors were pleased with the progression and the way things were looking.

"They felt and saw there was an opportunity, if I felt confident enough, physically ready enough with the contact and with the awareness out there, playing could be a possibility."