Coach's Call: Stanley Cup finals Game 3

ESPN's Barry Melrose breaks down three coaching moves made in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals.

1. Playing Thornton: Boston coach Claude Julien's decision to put Shawn Thornton in the lineup and scratch Tyler Seguin left me wondering where the Bruins' offense was going to come from, especially after Nathan Horton was hurt. Turns out the Bruins didn't have too much trouble finding a way to score.

2. Luongo in net in third: I was really surprised to see Roberto Luongo in the Canucks' goal in the third period. He didn't want to be in there, and you could tell his mind wasn't in it. After giving up four goals in the second period, Luongo gave up another four in the third on 17 shots.

3. Who takes Horton's spot?: It does not look like Horton will be available in Game 4 after he left the ice on a stretcher and was taken to the hospital. That means the biggest call to make is who will replace Horton in the lineup. This might be an opportunity to put Seguin back in the lineup since they are both offensive guys.