Duke managers win on buzzer-beater

Big game tonight.

I know, I know: North Carolina isn't very good this season. Duke is. The venue is Cameron Indoor. From everything we've seen of North Carolina this year, the historic and almost always entertaining Duke-UNC rivalry game doesn't look like it's going to be very entertaining at all. If I had to take a guess, I'd guess the Tar Heels are going to get rolled.

Which means what follows may be the best bit of Tobacco Road rivalry action we'll see this season, or at least this week: On Tuesday night, the Duke managers defeated the North Carolina managers on a last-second corner 3 buzzer-beater. And yes, via Duke Blue Planet, there's video, multiple angles and all:

And the court storm! Wait -- why are so many people at the Duke-UNC managers game?

According to the information on this truncated copy of the video, the crunch-time hero was manager Graham Vehovec. That's an excellent way to walk off a game, manager-related or no. Plus, I wouldn't make fun. In my collegiate experience, most managers were at least former high school players, all of which were completely and utterly obsessed with basketball. Somehow I doubt your local rec league is better run than that.

And besides, maybe it's an omen? The way this season is going, it will probably end in four -- actually, you know what? Better not.