Wear, oh Wear, have those tall twins gone?

Missing the Wear twins, Tar Heel fans?

Well, they’re back -- playing for UCLA, after sitting out an NCAA-mandated season after transferring from UNC.

And they apparently are now on Twitter (@traviswear and @davidwear12), where they opened their new accounts this morning by debating who was smarter.

It will be curious to see whether they “follow” -- or are followed by -- any of their former teammates. Lest you forget, the freshman duo opted to leave town and transfer in May 2010 without telling their UNC teammates and coaches. Their dad gave coach Roy Williams the news via telephone, leaving the Tar Heels thin in the frontcourt and confused about the decision.

In the afterword to his autobiography released last month, "Hard Work," Williams continued to take the high road when it comes to the twins, although it's pretty obvious he still continues to be surprised by their choice.

He wrote: "The Wears were two kids that I really enjoyed coaching. I thought they were really going to be good players and that they could really help us get back to where we wanted to be. They were going to play at least 45 minutes a game for us combined in 2011. Then all of a sudden the rug was pulled out from underneath us. I was just dumbfounded."