The Carrier Classic weather watch has begun

There's bound to be plenty of on-the-court drama once the Carrier Classic between top-ranked North Carolina and Michigan State tips off at 7 p.m. (EST) on Friday. But one early sidebar: where will that court be?

The San Diego Union-Tribune is asking today whether rain will spoil the Classic, which is scheduled to be played on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson-- but could be moved indoors to the aircraft carrier's hangar, if need be. According to the story, early forecasts show that a "significant" storm could reach San Diego right around tipoff time. Roughly 7,000 people, including President Barack Obama, are scheduled to attend.

According to the story:

The 1,092-foot Carl Vinson is docked in San Diego Bay, at North Island, which is highly exposed to the weather. Many storms initially arrive from the south, meaning Point Loma offers little protection from the winds. And the winds often shift and come out of the west, which still leaves the deck exposed. It's not unusual for storms to produce gusts of 20-30 mph at North Island, and they could be a little higher on he flight deck, which is about 60 feet above the bay.

Security is expected to be ultra-tight, rain or shine; I wonder if they are letting umbrellas in, just in case?