Wanted a Classic jersey on ebay? It's gone

How valuable are those blue-and-white camo Carrier Classic jerseys that the top-ranked Tar Heels gave to the Wounded Warriors after UNC beat Michigan State last Friday?

Invaluable, it seems.

For a while on ebay Tuesday, the high bid for John Henson's #31 jersey was $1,525 -- with six days to go. By about 11:15 a.m., however, the auction had been taken down.

When I contacted the seller, "ratboi39" about why (s)he was selling, (s)he responded that (s)he had decided to keep the jersey after all.

A good move, IMO, not just for the monetary worth -- but the sentimental value.

Coach Roy Williams said on his radio show Monday night that the jerseys, worn during the first game played on the deck of an aircraft carrier, on Veterans Day 11-11-11, won't be available to the general public.

“I even asked, ‘don’t make up any more of these,’ because I wanted it to be really special, and then when we had the idea of giving them [the jerseys] to the Wounded Warriors, we did talk about making one up for every player so they would get one back themselves,’’ he said. “Some things, I don’t think you should do things just for money, so I told them I didn’t want anybody to make up any more of them.”

hat-tip: insidecarolina.com