Golden Tate pays off his Notre Dame-Miami bet to The Rock by wearing his jersey

Michael Rothstein/ESPN

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- It took a couple of weeks, but Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate finally paid off his Notre Dame-Miami bet to The Rock.

And it required Tate to wear The Rock's -- then known as Dwayne Johnson -- No. 94 University of Miami jersey. Tate finished off the ensemble with a white Jordan-brand Gatorade hat and a pair of green-and-orange Jordan sneakers.

Tate bought the jersey off eBay with the name on it and purchased it.

"If I'm gonna lose a bet, I'm gonna lose the correct way," Tate said. "I'm going to do it the correct way."

But it was something Tate had to wear to finish off a pair of lost bets -- he also lost a wager to former Miami quarterback Brad Kaaya -- after the Hurricanes beat the Irish, 41-8, on Nov. 11. And it has sparked perhaps the start of a friendship between Tate and The Rock.

Tate said they've exchanged some messages but between Tate's season and The Rock's schedule, haven't found time to meet up.

The bet started because of a conversation on Twitter that led to terms being drawn and a wager agreed upon hours before kickoff. Wednesday was the result. And as much as the Notre Dame loss annoyed Tate, he grew up a Miami fan so it wasn't too, too bad.

"I am a fan of these colors, I'm not going to lie," Tate said. "I like this combination of colors. I don't know if you guys know but I was a huge Miami fan growing up and I used to want to go there and I always hoped I would get a scholarship there and ended up going to Notre Dame."

By the time he got out of meetings during this year's Notre Dame-Miami game, the Irish were already down, 14-0, and he knew it could be a losing proposition.

"We didn't play our best game and we know that," Tate said. "And they played really well. It really didn't go too well."

Then he pointed to the jersey, as evidence of it.