Kelly: Golson must pass final test Monday

Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson's return from a concussion officially should come early this week.

Coach Brian Kelly said during a teleconference Sunday that his starting quarterback will go through more exercises Monday to determine his readiness going into the week, with the expectation that he will start for the Fighting Irish when they play Saturday night at Oklahoma.

"We'll do a full-physical exertion tomorrow and really kind of get after it from a cardio standpoint and make sure that he's passed all of those markers, if you will," Kelly said. "So I think tomorrow would be really the last test for us."

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Injury updates: Kelly said Sunday that receiver John Goodman (back) is expected to play Saturday at Oklahoma after missing two straight games. ... Bennett Jackson (neck strain) is getting treatment and remains a little sore but should be fine Saturday, too. ... Safety Nicky Baratti suffered a shoulder subluxation but returned to action. The freshman posted on Twitter that he dislocated his shoulder, prompting Kelly to crack: "He doesn't get to use Twitter next week."

Faith unwavering: Kelly acknowledged that kicker Nick Tausch's hip injury may have been more serious than he had initially anticipated, but he likes what he sees from Kyle Brindza despite the sophomore's two misses Saturday. "He's got a great makeup. Mentally he's a tough kid. He's not afraid of the big moment. Those are all the things I'm concerned with the most. I never saw a crack there at all. He was a little off on his technique. He knew it and he'll work hard on it in terms of correcting it this week. But he's got the makeup to be a guy that you can keep rolling out there."

Second-guessing? Kelly was at his politically-correct best when asked about BYU's second touchdown, a 2-yard Kaneakua Friel catch that was upheld despite replays showing he bobbled the ball on his way to the ground: "All right, what comment do you want me to use? I didn't see it the same way. I thought I had a pretty good view. It's one of those things, I guess it's got to be from a replay standpoint when the call is made on the field, they've got to be absolutely certain. I thought I had a good look at it. But I guess those things even out."