Notre Dame chat wrap: Oct. 25

Thanks to the readers who made it to a busy chat today. Lots of good questions, which you can expect with a big game on the horizon.

Re-live it all here, and read below for some highlights.

  • Mike (Virginia): Matt,Has anyone ever told you that you look AND sound like Mike Golic Jr.? It freaks me out when you interview him. Notre Dame - 27 Oklahoma - 21MikeND Grad 2010

  • Matt Fortuna (2:10 PM): Never heard that in my life, actually. Pretty funny, though you're overestimating my size just a bit.

  • Jon (Des Moinse, Iowa): Looking ahead. ND shocks the football world and wins this weekend. Do the Irish then control their own destiny over undefeated Oregon, FLA and KSU?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:19 PM): Not only are the readers not treating it like any other game, they're looking ahead! Jon, Either Florida or Bama will knock the other out, and I think if ND wins out it will have a better resume than KSU. Oregon? Not so sure. The Ducks' schedule is backloaded and they have a couple big road trips coming up, along with a potential 13th game. I have a hard time seeing an undefeated 13-0 Pac-12 team surrendering its seed to a 12-0 independent. Would be kind of odd/ironic given all the conference talk that has followed the Irish this past year.

  • Jay Z (Cleveland, OH): Matt. I see a lot of people saying ND will get rolled and blown out. I understand Oklahoma has a solid offense, but are we being fooled? The BIG12 has shown this season that they like to skip playing defense. Have the last 3 weeks shown who Oklahoma really is? Or are the defenses that bad?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:24 PM): Shouldn't you be in Brooklyn, Hov? The last three weeks have been a little bit of both, though you cannot overlook the latter. ND is not going to miss every tackle the way Texas did. And it is going to get more pressure up front than any of the other teams did. The question, as always, is how Landry Jones responds to it.

  • Mike (Salt Lake): Matt, What are your bowl predictions for ND this week? Does it depend on how this game goes?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:33 PM): IF they win -- and I picked them to lose -- I think the national title game is a realistic shot. If they lose, I say Fiesta Bowl so long as Oklahoma doesn't win the Big 12 title. If that happens, the guys in Zona will probably want to avoid the rematch and ND would then likely get scooped up by the Sugar Bowl.