Notre Dame chat wrap: Nov. 8

Thanks for another great turnout this week. You can re-live it all here.

The highlights:

  • Dan (Lexington): Why is Notre Dame always so over rated. They should have lost to a Pitt team that gave up 45 points in a loss to Louisville and gave up 34 pts in a loss to Cincy. But yet perception of the Big East continues to be disrespected. I feel there is more parity in college football then people want to admit.

  • Matt Fortuna (2:07 PM): Dan, Notre Dame is undefeated and ranked FOURTH in the country. The Irish have NOT LOST A GAME. They are the furthest thing from overrated this year. And yes, there is plenty of parity in college football. Just look at the Boise States of the world. Better yet, look at the "disrespected" Big East, which has had TWO perfect seasons ruined by MAC teams.

  • Stephen (New Rochelle): Hi Matt,I'm sorry, but BC leaves me looking ahead... way ahead. Who is your prediction for taking the first snap at QB in the 2014 season? Yes, 2014.

  • Matt Fortuna (2:10 PM): I'm looking ahead this week ... but not thattt far. Um, let's see. Rees will likely be gone, there's a chance Hendrix will be too. Golson will be a RS JR, Gunner a RS SO and Zaire a RS frosh. Hmm ... I say fifth-year senior Louis Nix comes in in the Wildcat package after years of begging and finally convincing BK to install it.

  • Brock (Washington D.C.): It's clear at this point that ND, is the weakest of the unbeaten teams left. Assuming they do win out - give my your best bowl projection and who they would face. Same thing if they lose to USC - bowl projection and who they would face.

  • Matt Fortuna (2:30 PM): Weird as it sounds, that USC game may not end up weighing much in terms of bowl destination. (Of course, on game day it will, with Bama and Oregon likely in conference title games the following week with national title berths on the line.) In any case, if ND doesn't make the national title game, I'm beginning to think a Rose Bowl berth is more and more possible. USC will have, at the very least, 3 losses, and there's a good chance Oregon State does too. If Oregon wins out and gets to the national title game then Stanford will have had a 3rd loss and the Rose Bowl may be looking for a replacement team for the Pac-12. ND/Nebraska on New Year's, anyone?

  • Marc (Malden, MA): Before the season started, when ND looked like an 8-4 team, all we heard was "they have the toughest schedule in the country." Now that they're undefeated, all we here is "overrated, didn't play anyone good." SO FRUSTRATING, SUCH GARBAGE

  • Matt Fortuna (2:37 PM): No one is saying ND is overrated. Just that Alabama and Oregon, teams with proven track records that have combined to play in each of the last three title games, are both undefeated as well. Brian Kelly said so himself this week that he figured such a scenario would make it tough for ND because of those team's recent track records. KSU, on the other hand? That's a toss-up.