Fremeau: Oregon most vulnerable unbeaten

One of the three remaining unbeatens is going to have to lose to quiet down all of the chirping -- who are we kidding, some fan bases will find ways to cry foul regardless -- and, if Brian Fremeau's calculations prove correct, the top-three team most likely to fall could be Oregon.

Fremeau says the Ducks' chance of winning their remaining games is 29.3 percent, far below that of Notre Dame (68.7) and Kansas State (82.1). He cites Oregon's efficiency against top competition, as the Ducks have really not faced all that difficult of a path to 10-0. That could change in the next two weeks, with Stanford and Oregon State awaiting, as those schools' strong defense could frustrate the Ducks.

The post is on Insider, so you will have to be a subscriber to readInsider, but Fremeau sees an inconsistent defense and an offense that has yet to be seriously tested taking the field for its final two -- and possibly three -- games.

What could spell the most trouble for the Irish these next two weeks, you ask? Fremeau says -- surprise! -- special teams.