Notre Dame mailblog

Thanks for all of the kind words on the Manti Te'o story. Now onto questions ...

Tom Rentschler from Fort Wayne, Ind., writes: Matt, I know Manziel and Klein are deserving- but why isn't there more clamor regarding Teo and the Heisman. He was really picking up momentum there for a while and then only had a couple "normal" games. What's pathetic is that Miller at OSU is even getting votes. He's not a "shock and awe" type player. Not even close. Plus their schedule is garbage.

Matt Fortuna: Tom, Manti is getting a ton of Heisman pub, especially considering he is far from the only linebacker to put up big numbers this year. He's got a great shot to get to New York with two more strong games, which, again, is huge for a linebacker. And Braxton Miller has been, by every logical measure, the most valuable player in college football this year. Ohio State, too, is undefeated, and it's almost all because of him. And he's only a sophomore. And this is the "transition" period for Urban Meyer and his program. Scary.

Noel Price from Clarksville, Tenn., writes: How is it that when I'm watching Notre Dame remain unbeaten, and all the analysts agree that Notre Dame has a tougher schedule than either Oregon or Kansas State; how is it then that the consensus is Oregon or K State has to lose a game for ND to end up in the national championship game? Could someone please explain this to me? We have the toughest schedule of all three unbeatens yet they would get the nod? Why?

Matt Fortuna: Each of the three teams have strong arguments, but the bottom line in this case, at least by the way these things work, is that Notre Dame started out ranked lower than the other two, and the Irish had way too many close calls for them to jump either.

Mark Macek from Champaign, Ill., writes: If all three undefeated teams were to win out the rest of the season, what would the Irish have to do to go to the National Championship game?

Matt Fortuna: Buy a ticket.

Hugh from Singapore writes: Matt-It's winter where you are. When are we going to see the Leprechaun beard again? Myself and thousands of Irish fans are anxiously awaiting to hear about this important issue. Best Regards-Hugh

Matt Fortuna: It's only fall, Hugh. And that was a Lenten promise for this lapsed Catholic. (I have let the hair on my head grow over the last couple weeks, so that has to count for something, right? Watch out, Dan Fox.)