Happy Thanksgiving from the ND blog

You know it's a Happy Thanksgiving when you're not even sure if today's meal is the one you're most excited for this week.

I mean, In-N-Out Burger does await me tomorrow.

Suffice it to say that's a problem in my life that I'm lucky to have, and one of roughly a billion things I'm thankful for on this holiday, which definitely includes friends. Many of them from high school have not had the easiest of times since Hurricane Sandy came down in New York, so here's hoping they make the most of this day and come back stronger than ever. I know they will.

(They are all Irish-Catholics and they love Notre Dame as much as the rest of you. And they've probably taken up half of my inbox with funny names, just like the rest of you, too.)

Friends, family, health, readers who care -- plenty for me to appreciate today.

Rumor has it the football team I'm covering has been pretty good lately, too.

If I'm still conscious Saturday night after two days filled with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, turkey and roughly a half-dozen double-doubles, well, I'll try to check them out when I'm in Los Angeles and confirm that with my own two eyes.

Until then, enjoy your holiday. The blog will take a one-day break but we'll be back tomorrow pumping out plenty of content.

Happy Thanksgiving.