Notre Dame chatwrap: Nov. 29

Big crowd today at the chat. Thanks for stopping by. As always, a transcript is here.

Here are some highlights:

  • Glenn (Canada): love reading the chat each week. what are the chances of Notre Dame facing the Bulldogs in Miami on Jan 7th?

  • Matt Fortuna (1:59 PM): Thanks Glenn. I would say not too good, but from my distant view, this Tide team is worse than the two that won it all. (And boy does that say something about Saban, eh? Imagine three in four years, in this era?)

  • Mark (Lexington, KY): Matt- UK just hired Mark Stoops away from Florida State. What are your thoughts on the Irish losing Diaco, Alford or any other staff. There are a lot of tempting jobs out there.

  • Matt Fortuna (2:17 PM): My thoughts are that this is a good problem to have for a now-elite program. I think Bob Diaco is young and can afford to be picky, so I don't think he'd leave just to be a head coach somewhere unless he thought the fit was right.

  • DeAndre Williams (Gary, IN): Do you think Notre Dame was just a team of destiny this year or is this a Notre Dame program thats here to stay on top of college football for years to come?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:31 PM): I feel like the "team of destiny" saying takes a bit away from what they accomplished. Did they get some big breaks? Yeah, but which title team hasn't? Barring any unforeseen missteps, this should be a BCS-bowl team most years moving forward under Kelly.

  • Juan (Miami): The claim that either SEC Champion will undoubtedly blowout ND has to be mostly based on previous SEC dominance. Because I don't believe anyone can make the case if you analyze this season and the numbers. What do you think?

  • Matt Fortuna (2:38 PM): Juan, when you win six straight national titles, you get the benefit of the doubt. Right now, the SEC is getting the benefit of the doubt.