Tracking ND, Bama bowl swag

Win six games? Play one more!

Play one more? Get loads of cool free stuff!

Stuff that is even cooler when you play in the biggest game of them all.

If you see players on Notre Dame's or Alabama's campus with a little more flash on their wrist next semester, their berth in the Discover BCS National Championship Game will help explain why.

Players from both teams will receive free Tourneau watches, according to the Sports Business Journal, and each will receive a gift suite as well.

The gift suites are set up as private events for game participants and bowl VIPs to select gifts on an order form up to a value of $550 per person, the NCAA limit.

The Tourneau watch is a change of pace from most bowls, which usually give out Fossil watches.

Rival USC actually gets a Timely watch, along with a Majestic fleece (for those frigid California winters), a Top of the World cap, a coin and a Helen of Troy hair dryer. (Poor Clay Matthews missed out in his college years.)