Irish to wear names on title game jerseys

Cue the outrage, once more.

Notre Dame will be wearing names on its blue jerseys for the Jan. 7 national title game against Alabama, continuing its bowl tradition under coach Brian Kelly.

The Irish had names on their away jerseys in the 2010 Sun Bowl win over Miami and on their home attire last year in the Champs Sports Bowl loss to Florida State.

Team equipment manager Ryan Grooms posted a picture of Manti Te'o's bowl jersey on his Twitter account.

The national title game will mark the fourth time Notre Dame has worn names on the backs of its blue jerseys.

The immediate displeasure across social media is not too surprising, given the history and tradition of this program. Of course, nothing compares to the overwhelming negative reaction this year's Shamrock Series helmets drew when released back in the summer.

Notre Dame won that Oct. 6 game over Miami, 41-3, to improve to 5-0. The next day, toward the end of his conference call with reporters, Kelly was asked if he was ready to start talking about next year's Shamrock Series attire just yet.

"This is the first question that was actually brought up about the uniforms, which goes to show if you win, everything's great," Kelly said. "If you lose, you hate them."

Touche, coach.