Notre Dame chat wrap: Dec. 20

Thanks for stopping by the Notre Dame chat today. Great turnout, despite the adjusted time.

As always, you can read it all right here. Now, to the highlights:

  • Andre (Canada): Say ND wins the natty this year. Who becomes the preseason Heisman figurehead next season for the Irish?

  • Matt Fortuna (12:03 PM): Andre, tough to say unless Golson takes a big step. Maybe Stephon Tuitt since he has the fancy sack numbers, but there's no one coming back that I can say for certain will be front and center the way Manti Te'o was this year.

  • Ryan (Portland (Rip City), Oregon): With the recent addition of Greg Bryant and the pursuit of Tarean Folston (all this despite the recent de-commitment of J.James) what's to happen to Cam McDaniel? He's been great in relief reps and has been a great team player. I feel he's getting snubbed and may not get a real shot to shine. What do you think Tuna?

  • Matt Fortuna: He'll get a shot, but there's a lot of talent back there. George Atkinson, Bryant -- and let's not forget Amir Carlisle and Will Mahone, who both redshirted this year. I'm interested to see how that dynamic plays out.

  • Mike (Indianapolis): Follow up: Are you more happy that you get to go to South Florida in January, or that you get another year interviewing Big Lou?

  • Matt Fortuna (12:23 PM): VERY good question. Florida is for a week. Nix is for another year. So I'll go with him.

  • Joe (West Virginia): What are the chances that Cierre Wood returns next year?

  • Matt Fortuna (12:48 PM): Joe, his mother told the Chicago Tribune last month that he's leaning 70-30 toward going. I'd be very surprised if he returned, given his family situation, his diploma and the fact others have already announced that they are returning.