ND vs. Bama: The uniforms

The plot line thickens whenever Notre Dame and Alabama clash, be it a debate about who is less likable or who really has the most national titles.

One overlooked part of it all? The uniforms, a subject most Irish fans have become all too accustomed to debating about amongst themselves in recent years.

Thankfully we have UniWatch's Paul Lukas, who shares more information than any of us had probably ever known about the Irish's and Tide's uniform history.

Neither team's jersey has numbers near the shoulders? OK, nothing too groundbreaking. But how about the actual label for the hats that Paul Bear Bryant made famous. (Hint: They're not houndstooth.) Or Notre Dame's equivalent of helmet stickers briefly during the Ara Parseghian era?

Lukas has a list of 10 uniform-related shorelines between these two programs, and it's a fun, informative read. Check it out.