History will remember this game

MIAMI -- How can someone so smart say something so naïve?

Alabama center Barrett Jones, a consensus All-American, winner of the so-called Academic Heisman and holder of undergrad and master's degrees in accounting, actually said this a few days ago: "When I'm old, people won't remember who I am."

Uh, Barrett, if Bama beats Notre Dame on Monday evening in the Discover BCS National Championship, people are going to remember you when you're young, middle-aged, old and, well, dead. That's what happens when you win not one, not two, but three national titles in four years.

"Maybe if I lived in Birmingham, some people might [remember me]," said Jones, the fifth-year senior.

The Crimson Tide are one victory away from unquestioned dynasty status. In fact, you can argue that Bama is already a football dynasty.

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