Ex-roommate: Te'o deserves support

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- On a frigid night on one of America's most bucolic campuses, they converse like everyone else.

Amid the heart of Notre Dame, a stone's throw from Dillon Hall, the former residence of Manti Te'o, a group of males openly and loudly laugh as they walk, blurting out myths and perpetuating rumors surrounding the school's former star linebacker, who finds himself at the center of what he and his school claim to be a hoax surrounding the story of his late girlfriend.

As they pass the news vans packed outside the football stadium, a group of females wonder aloud why everyone cares so much about the "death" of someone who did not even exist to begin with.

"I like won't get on Twitter or Facebook," senior Matt Losego, one of Te'o's three roommates from two years ago, told ESPN.com. "I think I'm kind of a little disappointed in some of the students' responses. I think that it's not people's place to be passing judgment on Manti about this no matter what is going on. I think that no one really knows what's going on, so it's not right to be passing judgment on him."

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