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Was expecting more Kiel questions, to be honest ...

JJ from Tumalo, Ore., writes: Sorry Matt but the Domers used up all of its Lucky Charms last season.A missed FG by an excellent kicker; no do-over even though the Irish had 12 men on the field. A questionable call versus Stanford. No Matt Barkley on the field at USC. Players over-hyped left and right And let us not forget that South Bend became a big site for cat-fishing.The failure against Bama was predictable. And so I cannot be too ticked off at ND because I made bank. i doubt that my Duckies would have defeated Bama but the game would not have been over after the 1st Q. The Ducks would not have been deer in the headlights. Will you be surprised Matt if ND goes 0-3 versus the PAC next season? I won't be but of course the Domers could sweep. With 3 games versus the PAC why is ND joining with the ACC?All the best.

Matt Fortuna: JJ, let's just say nothing would surprise me with this team, given the expectations surrounding the last two seasons and what actually ended up happening. That said, I'd only really be worried about Stanford right now if I'm a Notre Dame fan. The Cardinal could be a national title contender in 2013 and there is likely to be plenty at-stake in that regular-season finale. (Of course, we said similar things about USC last year and were completely wrong.) The ACC offers Notre Dame the best deal, as the Irish can put all of their other sports in a competitive conference with East Coast ties while maintaing most of their football independence. (Five ACC football games a year shouldn't be too big of a deal when they basically played four in 2012 -- Miami, Pitt, Boston College, Wake Forest.)

Kevin McCarthy from Middletown, R.I., writes: Matt, in light of Manti Teo's unfortunate involvement in the catfishing situation, do you know if the University of Notre Dame has put any program in place to educate its players on how to avoid these types of things going forward??

Matt Fortuna: Kevin, really good question, and something I think I'll look into when spring ball starts. USA Today's George Schroeder had a similar piece looking at Michigan recently.

Jeff Davis from Memphis, Tenn., writes: ND is fortunate to have a talented but crowded backfield. Who do you think will have the most carries this upcoming year?

Matt Fortuna: On today, March 11, I would say George Atkinson since he is the most experienced. Beyond there is anyone's guess, but I think eventually this thing will sort itself out. I love incoming recruit Greg Bryant, and Tarean Folston is a big prospect as well. We can't forget about Cam McDaniel, William Mahone or USC transfer Amir Carlisle either, as he should finally be healthy, too.